Product Review: PayMaya Prepaid Credit Card

“​I’ve always dreamed of ordering online but the problem is- I don’t have a credit card (and I fear of responsibilities and obligations of having a credit card). Good thing there’s PayMaya. PayMaya allows me to make it happen.”

This is my Paymaya experience:

What is PayMaya?

PayMaya is a free prepaid VISA credit card that allows you purchase things just like a regular credit card do. But in contrast to a regular credit card – in which you shop first before paying the bill, in PayMaya:  you need to pay first before you purchase anything.

To enlighten things more, “paying first” means you need to load up your card – or virtual card – to be able to do purchase.

Where did I get my PayMaya?

Paymaya is available on Play Store. I got mine there. Just download the app, register, then: you’ve got your very own VISA prepaid credit card.



After you’ve got your virtual card, you can now load up.

My experience with loading up my PayMaya wasn’t that smooth. When I tried to load up on Robinson’s Magnolia’s Business Station, the server is currently down. So my next option is the Mini Stop nearby, but unfortunately the loading machine is not available in that particular branch. 

Good thing my friend, who has an “upgraded PayMaya”, sent me money through his PayMaya app. Problem solved. I just paid him in cash. Just for the record, when you “upgrade” your PayMaya, you will be able to send money from your PayMaya app to your friend’s PayMaya app, plus you can withdraw your money. But if you’re Paymaya is not yet upgraded – no worries, you’re PayMaya can still receive money. 

The other loading stations are the following: 7-eleven, SM business center, BDO.

Loading stations need to improve their service and designate more branches.

Loading Score: 6/10


Once I’ve already have credits in my PayMaya, I can now order on any website that accepts VISA credit cards.

So I went to my Amazon app, choose my items, added it to my cart then I proceeded to checkout. 

I fill out necessary delivery details. Then I just followed the instructions on screen and fill everything neccesary including the mode of payment: I entered my PayMaya’s account number and the “valid until” date.

Then finally they will  show you the summary of your order including the tax charges and total price. I clicked “Place my Order.”

Reminder: Usually Amazon charges tax. Not much but always consider it when loading up. It’s good to have an extra amount of money in your account.

Then voila! You just need to wait for your package. I shipped my goods to my grandma’s US address to save shipping fee because she will visit the Philippines in 2 weeks. So she’ll be the one to bring my goods.

You will receive a SMS everytime you purchase something. In addition to this, every purchase will be recorded in your PayMaya app.

I encountered zero problems.

Purchasing score: 10/10


  • Legitimate
  • Easy to download
  • The app is free
  • Easy to register
  • Easy to use
  • No annual fee
  • No hidden charges


  • Hard to find loading stations


  • Always keep your PayMaya private and secure.

Will I use it again?

Yes. In fact I already used it again. I ordered again in for the second time using PayMaya. I load up in 7-eleven and had a smooth transaction.


Download and Registration 10/10

Loading 6/10

Purchasing 10/10

Bottomline: It works! I was able to order goods at

Disclaimer: These are my views, opinions, and experiences on this product. I am not affiliated or connected to PayMaya. And therefore, will not be liable for any complaints whatsoever.


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